Our Handsome Sires-  Jack is our oldest male and is the dominant of our herd.  Daffi stands second in line and is the father of our beautiful new arrivals.


Nigerian Dwarf Pricing

6 weeks to 12 weeks     Buckling      $75.00

6 weeks to 12 weeks     Doeling        $100.00

12weeks to 36 weeks    Buckling      $100.00

12 weeks to 36 weeks   Doeling       $125.00

9 months and older year Buck          $150.00

9 months and older Doe                       $150.00

If you are interested in a wethered male,  a deposit will have to be made prior to wethering.  We whether between 5 and 18 weeks old

We can deliver within 50 miles.  50 miles or more is $.25/mile up to 150 miles

Available Now


Born 1/12/17


Born 1/12/17