Breeding Dairy Goats

Tractor Trail Farm raises beautiful and friendly goats that are great for milking and grazing.  Our males are strong leaders with gentle temperments.  They pass this trait on to each of their offspring.  Our goats are turned out daily to free range on the farm allowing them to become familiar with humans and other animals on the farm.  Their gentle disposition and familiarity with human interaction makes them a perfect addition to any farm.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Goats Milk

Nigerian Dwarf milk is well known for being delicious.  It has a high content of butterfat which makes it excellent for not only drinking but also making cheese.

Nigerian Dwarfs are small goats that stand between 23 and 25 inches at the withers.  They are great family milking goats that are intelligent and easy to train.  They are great around children and love interacting with people.  

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Nigerian  Dwarfs

The little voices in my head keep telling me to get more goats.